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February 15, 2021


We have better company name availability in Australia, When we see the rising economy of Australia, a sure charge should be given to the small businesses which are actively taking part to lift their country. With all big and small businesses, a few other special businesses work day and night for their country. These types of businesses do not catch on huge profits and having superior savings, but they solely work for the welfare of the citizens of Australia. These types of companies and businesses are known to fall into the special purpose category. As we can see, there are many organizations and governmental bodies that work without any funds and provides only services in return. Such companies are known as special-purpose companies. Now, let’s have a look which all companies will fall under these categories.

Once you register a company, it can operate in any Australian state or territory. Company registration is a national registration. You still need to choose the state or territory the company is 'taken to be registered in'. Most companies choose the state or territory in which they will operate their company.

You will need to select a name for your company. The other options is you can choose to use the Australian Company Number (ACN) that will be generated once ASIC approves your application as the proposed company name (tick the box that says Use ACN as the company name).

An ACN is a unique 9 digit number that's issued to your company when it's successfully registered. You still need to include legal elements (e.g. Pty Ltd) to identify the company type. On company registration certificates and the company register, names that use the ACN will display with 'A.C.N.' at the front.

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