Covid 19 employment scheme & it’s work from home

November 28, 2020


Here it is a service providing support and help in many of different fields from it to mental health We’re offering anyone any age to help us create the next up and coming support network

* Be friendly, engaging and approachable, and be able to build great rapport with the team;
* Have a positive attitude and excellent communication skills;
* Be able to engage with team via phone or via email on laptop provided confidently and professionally;
* Be passionate about our brands and have knowledge about our products;
* Be reliable, hardworking and a great team player;
* and ensure you follow COVID-19 regulations whilst interacting with team members if applicable

18+ Uk applicants
ID maby 2 forms
Uk bank needed for payments

Please contact the sales manager at

What we need from the applicant:

Name as on I’d
Date of birth
Statement or proof of address
Account number and sort code for payment


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