Master of Magic Arts Alexander Litvin

August 22, 2020


Hello there, my name is Alexander, I am a Master of Black Magic Arts. Experienced warlock born in Siberia and descending from 6 generations of Healers and Witchers. My personal experience includes more than 10 years of real practice and highly effective magic ritual perfomance that helps people to put their lives back on truck again.

Here is what I do: financial magic , includes in itself rituals for attracting luck and clientele into your business, sales boosting, effective debt recovery rituals, rituals for your business development, profitable tender and winning of contracts, protection for your business. My rituals will also help you to buy and sell your property/vehicles/business,etc more luckily and profitably.

Luck in gambling, general lucky powerful amulets can be made on request and sent to you.

Personal magic assistance includes family love and relationships rituals of all sorts.

The return of your loved one, attracting that special someone, attracting rituals for same sex relationships also available.

Cheating partner problems will be solved.

On the other hand if you're suffering from unreturned love and had enough of it but cannot help it, my powerful rituals will cool you down and help you to get your life and confidence back.

Also I can resolve problems with the unwanted attention from your exes and much more.

Magical damages, otherwise known as Spoiling/death spells and all kinds of inexplicable energy deteriorations. Are you experiencing something that your doctor or spiritual healer doesnt know what to do with, which is seriously harming your wellbeing, physical or mental health? In many cases you can be just going through an unpleasant stage of anxiety that medicine can cure. But more often than you can imagine it, you can end up as a target of someone else's energy spoiling. Caused by unruly jealousy or envy, not every single one of us often knows how much damage can be caused by this kind of aggresive energy attack. We are living an era when basically anyone can download something extremely harful from Pinterest, use it against someone and sit and watch from a safe distance how somebody else's life is going down the drain.

I am here to help you to get rid of all kinds of negative influence. I will diagnose your problem and provide the removal of the following type of black magic influence: voodoo spells, Necro energy incubing removal, energy drainers caused by magic spells and harmful rituals, death spells removals, etc. I will provide all necessary cleansing rituals afterwards and install your personal magic protection that will be impossible to break and you will have your life back on track again.

All cases will be individually discussed , looked at, your privacy and full confidentiality guaranteed.

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